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Will there be a ‘Kimye’ prenup?

In our first post of 2014, we congratulated all of our readers who made (and accepted) marriage proposals during the holiday season. We also provided some helpful tips about prenup etiquette that may help soon-to-be spouses avoid the anxiety of talking about (and creating) such an agreement.

With the many weddings that will take place in 2014, it got us thinking about some of the celebrity weddings that will happen in the New Year. Last year around this time, pop culture news centered on Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy. Now the spotlight is focusing on the upcoming wedding. Aside from the colors, location and prospective guest list, a hot question is whether she and fiancé Kanye West will sign a prenuptial agreement.

To the uninitiated, a prenuptial agreement is a contract that prospective spouses sign that dictates how property will be distributed in the event of a divorce. The agreement can also include stipulations for designating marital property and separate property, as well as who will be eligible for spousal support (including the duration of such payments).

Apparently it is a closely guarded secret as to whether Kim and Kanye will sign a prenup. However, given Kim’s track record with property in divorce (her divorce to Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humprhies took nearly a year), Kanye’s penchant for public temper tantrums, and the staunch defense of the Kardashian family fortune, it is reasonable to believe that one will be signed.

For those who are not as financially well-off as Kim and Kanye, a prenuptial agreement can still be useful tool to set proper expectations. Contact an experienced family law attorney to learn more.

Source:, “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding may go down at the Palace of Versailles,” Cavan Sieczowski,  December 4, 2013