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Don’t Ignore These Key Issues In International Family Law

Family law is rarely black and white. Each case involves issues as unique as the family itself — questions such as how to divide property, how to assess the need for financial support, how to determine the validity of any prenuptial agreements, and most importantly, how each parent will continue to play a role in the children’s lives.

When divorce and child custody take on international dimensions, these complexities multiply.

Our firm recently published a white paper addressing the nuts and bolts of international family law. Titled “International Family Law: Divorce And Custody In A Global Age,” the paper highlights important issues such as:

  • Jurisdiction: Which court gets to decide which issues?
  • Choice of law: Which country’s body of family law applies?
  • Enforcement: How can you make sure the court of another country will enforce your court order?
  • Procedural hurdles: How can you navigate the confusing procedural nuances of another nation’s courts?

After reading it, you will come away with a better understanding of these issues — and how they can shape the outcome of your case. You will also learn valuable tips for protecting your interests early on in the process.

Download the free white paper to gain valuable insight into the international aspects of divorce and child custody.


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International Family Law:
Divorce And Custody In A Global Age