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Divorce And Child Custody For Global Families

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Divorce and custody disputes are never easy. In today’s global society, families increasingly have ties to multiple nations. This international dimension of family law adds another layer of complexity to the mix. Both legal and practical challenges permeate all aspects of these proceedings.

Your rights in an international family law case hinge on several questions. Which country has the legal authority to handle your case? Which country’s family law will govern the proceedings? How can you enforce a foreign order in your home country?

Navigating These Niche Issues

At Laura Dale & Associates, our firm is well-equipped to guide you through these gray areas. We have decades of experience successfully navigating the niche of international family law – including divorce, custody and Hague Convention (international parent-child abduction) cases. Several of our attorneys are board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The firm’s lead attorney, Laura D. Dale, has prepared and taught professional seminars on international family law issues, reflecting the exceptional depth of knowledge we bring to this area.

If you are facing international family law issues – or you are an attorney looking for guidance in this complicated practice area – please review our free white paper titled International Family Law: Divorce And Custody In A Global World .

You will gain a better understanding of key issues involved in these cases, including:

  • What sources of law courts follow when deciding whether they have authority to hear your case
  • Which factors influence your decision to pursue your case in one jurisdiction over another
  • How practical considerations may impact your international divorce or custody case
  • How international law tries to curb cross-border parent-child abductions

You will also come away with critical tips for success when facing a potential divorce or custody issue that has international implications.

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International Family Law:
Divorce And Custody In A Global Age