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What happens when an ex-spouse fails to pay spousal support?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2015 | Alimony

Many men and women come to rely on the spousal support payments they receive from their exes. What happens, though, when that payment is not received or worse, when several payments are received?

For those whose spousal support order was issued by a Texas court, the court has the authority to withhold income from the paying spouse’s disposable income. The court also has the authority to do the same if there was an agreement between the two parties; however, the amount withheld cannot exceed the amount the court could have ordered if an agreement was not reached.

At Laura Dale & Associates, we understand how difficult it can be for both parties during a divorce. We also know that circumstances change after a divorce, especially where the ability to pay or the need for spousal support is concerned. We help those who haven’t received the amount of court-ordered support that is due by filing the necessary motions with the court. The court may order the other party’s wages garnished, probation, jail time or other penalties.

Our clients also include those who have had a change in financial circumstances, such as a job layoff, that affect their ability to pay spousal maintenance. We can file a modification of spousal support. This also can be done if the receiving spouse has had a change in his or her financial circumstances where spousal support would not be needed or at least, not as much would be needed.

We invite you to visit our webpage on spousal support to learn more about the options that are available.