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Grandparents might opt to seek grandparents’ rights in Texas

The loving relationship between a grandchild and a grandparent is one that can’t be duplicated. The child usually learns a lot from the grandparent and the grandparent has the opportunity to teach vital skills to the child. Sadly, not all grandparents and grandchildren get to experience that type of relationship because of troubles with the child’s parents. In Texas, some grandparents might opt to seek grandparents’ rights so they can have that wonderful relationship.

Grandparents who are interested in seeking grandparents’ rights should understand some basic points about this process. There are two main reasons why grandparents might choose to seek grandparents’ rights in court. One reason is because the child is in danger. The other is if the grandparent thinks the child is suffering emotionally because of a lack of relationship with the grandparent.

We understand that you just want to make sure your grandchild is emotionally healthy and physically safe. We can help you to understand how Texas law pertains to your case. We can help you to get your questions answered so that you can decide how you want to handle your case and proceed from there.

If you think your grandchild is being subjected to abuse or harm, you might choose to seek custody instead of visitation. If you think that your grandchild needs to see you for emotional development, you might choose to seek visitation. Of course, we know that this isn’t a decision you take lightly. We can help you to explore your options to ensure that you are making a decision that you feel comfortable with.