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Understanding prenuptial agreements: Protect yourself now

A prenuptial agreement has always been looked upon as unromantic or even untrustworthy. The thing is that a prenuptial agreement doesn’t have to affect your upcoming wedding negatively. In fact, it could even strengthen the bond you feel with each other.

Creating a prenuptial agreement forces each of you to discuss financial matters, something that many couples wait until they are married to discuss. It’s best to see if both of you are on similar ground when it comes to your finances, anyway.

A prenuptial agreement is often used in marriage where there are a number of assets; however, those entering into marriage for a second or subsequent time often benefit, too. This is because many soon-to-be spouses have children from a previous relationship. You want those children to always be provided for. A prenuptial agreement will let you keep the items and assets you want for those children out of a divorce, should that happen.

At Laura Dale & Associates, we will ensure your rights are protected when completing or reviewing a prenup. It can be somewhat confusing, but if the prenup is not properly done, it could be thrown out by the court should you ever divorce. There are certain things, such as child support, that cannot be addressed in a prenuptial agreement.

We understand that discussing some of the items listed in a prenuptial agreement can make it seem like it’s taking the romance right out of your impending nuptials. However, you will be reassured that your rights and assets are protected should a divorce happen at some point in the future.

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