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International Parental Kidnapping Lawyers

Laura Dale and her team of attorneys and staff at our Houston-based law firm possess the resources to fight for your children’s best interests. International custody and child abduction cases are legally complex and emotionally charged. They are passionate and proactive advocates who focus on restoring order and reuniting families.

The Hague Convention is a treaty that provides for expeditious return of a child to their country they resided in immediately before their disappearance. It also ensures that custody rights and child access of one country are respected in the other. Delaying action only increases the odds you face in the safe return of your child.

Based on your case, Hague action may not be the best way to secure the return of your child. Options exist if you have the right facts and bring your case to know. However, you need an attorney who understands the difference between the Hague Convention and other custody laws to guide you in the right direction.

Contact Laura Dale for swift and thoughtful action involving your international child abduction case. Call us to schedule a meeting with a lawyer at toll free at 713-574-7952.

The founder of Laura Dale & Associates, brings comprehensive experience and knowledge of the Hague Convention. Throughout her career, Laura Dale has developed a strong network of overseas and out-of-state law firms, as well as with translators and interpreters. She and her legal team are committed to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds on your behalf.

Preparation and filing of a formal Hague Convention application require attention to detail in compiling supporting documentation and records. The process also mandates a personalized approach in understanding the unique issues of your case.

Time is of the essence. Every second counts.

Texas international family lawyer Laura Dale can be contacted through this website or call us toll free at 713-574-7952 to schedule a timely consultation. We speak French and Spanish and can arrange for an interpreter and translation services when needed.