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Should I refuse alimony payments?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2015 | Alimony

Alimony is an important subject for any couples who have been married for several years when they begin discussing divorce. While the increase in marriages where both people work full time has changed the way alimony and spousal support are handled, they are still applicable to many couples. However, sometimes those who are entitled to alimony debate whether or not they should take advantage of this option.

Receiving alimony payments can be very helpful in getting started in your new life. It provides a steady source of income — provided your ex continues to make payments in full and on time — and gives you a bit of breathing room as you get settled into a new job, house or city. However, some people feel that receiving alimony payments keeps them tied to their exes.

Divorce can be a time of great introspection and getting to know yourself again, and many people find it easiest to focus on themselves during this time if they end all connections to their ex. While this isn’t always an option — particularly if the couple has children still living at home — if alimony is the only thing that would continue to tie you to your ex, it’s understandable why some would consider refusing the payments.

Before you make a decision on whether you want to refuse alimony, it’s important to be fully informed on whether you are eligible for alimony and what the payments are likely to be. Once you understand what you are entitled to, you will be better equipped to decide if the pros of the payments outweigh the cons in your particular situation.

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