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Texas-native seeks additional payment in celebrity divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2015 | High Asset Divorce

Actress Stephanie March, a native of Texas, was recently in court seeking additional payment based on her divorce agreement with celebrity chef Bobby Flay. According to reports, the couple’s marriage ended after Flay cheated on Stephanie March earlier this year.

According to reports, the couple did have a prenuptial agreement. If March did not drag the divorce out, she received $5,000 per month — a move reportedly made by Flay to protect his public brand. The divorce agreement reportedly also had language that prevented each of the individuals from benefiting financially from each other’s image.

It was this last part of the agreement that had March in court again recently. According to reports, March was asking for an additional payment from Flay in the amount of $105,000. She based the request on the fact that several cooking videos featuring her were being displayed by the Food Network in conjunction with Flay’s brand.

Flay’s attorney argued that Flay himself had no control over how the network used those videos. The videos reportedly preceded any agreement about the use of each individual’s image. The judge ultimately agreed with Flay’s attorney and denied March’s motion.

The judge also denied March’s motion for additional payment in reimbursement for moving expenses. Reportedly, Flay had already paid some moving expenses and the additional expenses were seen as unnecessary.

Flay’s attorney is quoted as saying March’s efforts in the most recent filing were more about revenge than fairness or justice. Whether or not that is true, it’s important for any person in a divorce situation to understand how courts and judges are likely to view certain requests. A legal professional can help prepare someone for court decisions and help ensure information is presented in the best possible light for a favorable decision.

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