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Navigating an international custody dispute

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2016 | Child Custody

While any custody dispute has the potential to be quite complicated and more difficult than initially expected, an international custody issue is perhaps one of the most challenging of all. International custody disputes are common when one person chooses to move out of the country, but they also happen in various other situations.

Any time one of the parents has ties to another country, especially in cases of those in the United States on visas or who have dual citizenship, there is potential for an international custody dispute to arise. Even when both parties have the intention to stay in the same country, visas can expire and issues with loved ones can come up. The case can turn into an international issue very quickly.

One common issue that often comes up in international custody battles is jurisdiction. Because these disputes involve more than one country by definition, figuring out which country’s laws and court system should be hearing the case and making the decisions can become a major point of contention. Even once this is settled, enforcing a court order from another country can pose a problem.

Because of all of this, it is especially important for those who are in these situations to seek out as much information as possible about international custody law as soon as you find yourself dealing with this situation. In some cases, who files first in which country can be a deciding factor in the case, and it’s important to understand what you are likely to be facing and dealing with as you navigate an international custody battle.