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Premarital agreements must be dealt with early in an engagement

You have worked hard for the things that you have accumulated up until now. If you have a wedding coming up, you need to take the steps now to protect the things you have worked hard to get. A prenuptial agreement is one way to do this. We know that approaching your future spouse about a prenuptial agreement is difficult, but it is one of the main ways you can protect yourself.

A prenuptial agreement can include a host of protections for you and your future spouse. It can spell out how the assets you had before the marriage will be divided should a divorce occur. It can also spell out how things accumulated during the marriage will be divided. It can even spell out conditions for different division formulas.

If there is a chance that you will get an inheritance, you can even include that in the premarital agreement. We can help you to determine what items you might want to include in the agreement.

When you are ready to write up a prenuptial agreement, make sure that you don’t wait too long. You need to present the agreement to your future spouse well before the wedding. Trying to handle this right before the wedding might make the prenuptial agreement invalid.

We know that you probably have lots of questions about prenuptial agreements. We can answer those questions and help you to come up with a prenuptial agreement that puts your interests first. Make sure that you get everything all worked out early enough in your engagement so that any issues can be addressed before the wedding.