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An understanding of grandparents’ rights can be key

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2016 | Grandparent's Rights

Due to many different sets of circumstances, some children land in the care of their grandparents. Regardless of whether it is an amicable arrangement between the parents and grandparents or a situation in which children need protection from circumstances in their parents’ homes, many uncertainties typically exist when it comes to grandparents’ rights in Texas. It is a complicated area of the law, and it may be best dealt with by an experienced family law attorney.

Grandparents who are raising their grandchildren will find it difficult if they do not have powers of attorney. With such legal power, grandparents can enroll their grandchildren in schools, seek medical attention and more. Awarding powers of attorney to grandparents does not remove those powers from the parents and can be revoked at any time. Parents can also provide medical consent that will allow grandparents to take medical decisions that are in the best interests of the children.

Grandparents who are concerned about the safety of their grandchildren may apply for legal custody. This may include cases in which parents are abusive, dependent on drugs or alcohol, or other circumstances are present that may endanger the children. To have children removed from dangerous surroundings will need the involvement of the Department of Social Services, as well as the family court.

No grandparents want their grandchildren to grow up in less than acceptable circumstances, and being fully informed about grandparents’ rights may prevent harm from coming to their grandchildren. When a situation arises in which grandchildren become the responsibility of their grandparents, the logical step would be to consult with a Texas lawyer who is experienced in dealing with these issues. Getting all the legal documentation in place can allow grandparents to provide the loving care their grandchildren need.

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