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Pastor and his wife fighting for grandparents’ rights

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2016 | Grandparent's Rights

Texas grandparents who are fighting to gain custody of their grandchildren may be interested in a case in another state that involves a family who is denied access to their grandchildren. The family blames their dilemma on the alleged mishandling of the case by the Department of Child Care Services. There is a definite move nationwide toward putting children in the care of family members rather than foster parents, this couple is fighting for grandparents’ rights.

A pastor — who has ministered in his community for 23 years — and his wife are desperately trying to take care of their grandchildren. They explained that their son became very ill in August 2015, and DCS called them to take the two children immediately. Unfortunately, the grandparents were out of town to attend a funeral at the time, and DCS placed the children with a foster family within three days. The father of the kids — a 3-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl — subsequently passed away, and the children remain with the foster family.

It is reported that the grandparents are financially secure enough to take the best care of the children. Apparently, the grandparents were part of the process for placing the children from the start. The home inspection, background checks and more were passed, but the fact that they could not collect the children immediately upon the call from DCS jeopardized their chances of ever getting custody of the children.

They contend that the foot-dragging of DCS led to a situation in which it was determined that the children are now settled with the foster parents and uprooting them will not be in their best interests. Fighting for grandparents’ rights in Texas can be as difficult as this case, and may be best handled by an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer can provide support and guidance throughout the legal proceedings required to pursue child custody of grandchildren.

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