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Making alimony payments more affordable

All sorts of legal issues can arise following a couple’s divorce, from the impact of a custody ruling to child support and relocation. However, spousal support can be especially difficult for some people, especially those who may have experienced financial changes recently. For example, someone who was fired or is suffering from a health problem that they never saw coming may have a very hard time paying alimony. Unfortunately, falling behind on spousal support can create additional problems, so it is vital for those who are having a hard time with alimony payments to look into ways to address their spousal support obligations properly.

If you are struggling with significant financial challenges, you might be able to modify your spousal support order. By doing so, you could benefit from reducing the amount of alimony that you are required to pay. Furthermore, this can make it much easier to satisfy your obligations, which can prevent additional challenges from arising later on. Sometimes, an alimony obligation can be terminated entirely. For example, if the person who is receiving spousal support gets married, their former spouse will not have to continue paying spousal support. As we discussed in a recent blog post, falling behind on spousal support can disrupt life in various ways, such as having Social Security benefits withheld, which highlights how crucial it is to handle these obligations properly.

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