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Do you have reason to seek a child custody modification?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2018 | Child Custody, Visitation

Life is full of change. The child custody order from your divorce may not be appropriate any longer because of changes that have occurred.

Even if you and the other parent were able to come to terms amicably for the best interests of your kids, you may have questions about how legal agreements from the past suit your current lives and your children’s needs. In some cases, a custody modification may be appropriate now.

Seeking modifications

Fortunately, child custody agreements do not have to remain set in stone. You can take steps to pursue a modification of your child custody order.

It may be necessary to seek modification in situations involving:

  • Moving: If you or the other parent plans to move, the terms of your custody agreement may need to be revisited. And depending on who has primary custody of the children, the court may need to approve any relocation of the kids. The court will consider how the move will affect current terms and what changes may be necessary.
  • Refusal to adhere to terms: If the other parent refuses to stick to the agreed upon visitation or custody terms, you may need to go back to court. The court may consider changes or enforcement options if a parent has not cooperated.
  • Danger or abuse: If you believe that your children’s other parent or something in the other household poses a danger to your kids, you may petition the court for custody modification.

There are other reasons for pursuing modification of custody orders, but results are never guaranteed. Your specific circumstances will play a role in whether a custody modification could suit your needs and the needs of your children.

Gaining an advocate

Because custody modification requires additional legal proceedings, you may wish to have a legal advocate on your side. Having an understanding of your parental rights, how custody modifications take place and your chances of obtaining a better outcome may help you feel more confident as your case moves forward.