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Alimony and how the court decides if it is required

There are many issues to consider when a Houston couple chooses to get a divorce. One of the most common to arise is the possibility that one former spouse will be ordered to pay support to the other. The question is whether the recipient is entitled to it.

There are certain factors that are considered by the court when deciding on spousal support. The standard of living the couple shared while married is important. The ability to earn and maintain that after the divorce will be a key part of the process. Perhaps the former spouse had chances to advance a career with training or education and put that to the side during the marriage. The paying spouse’s capability to meet the obligation will also be considered.

For couples married for a decade or longer, there is a good chance one will be awarded spousal support. This is especially true if the proposed recipient did not work during the marriage. The length of the marriage will be an essential part of the decision.

For both parties, age and health can play a role. If the couple is older and there are limited alternatives to earn money, support might be ordered for daily expenses. For the party paying support, the earning capacity, health considerations and retirement status will be assessed. Finally, if there was domestic abuse, it can be a vital part of the decision. Whether it is a person who is concerned about paying support or someone who states that it is needed, an attorney who is experienced in Texas spousal support cases may be able to help.