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Don’t let anyone tell you fathers aren’t important to their kids

Father’s Day is coming up, and with your divorce in full swing, you may be wondering what will happen with your children. You may have heard that Texas courts favor mothers when it comes to child custody matters.


Fortunately, that outlook is changing across the country. Joint custody is now the preferred place to start when it comes to child custody and serving the best interests of the children. Research confirms the fact that fathers have a significant place in their children’s lives, but you probably didn’t need someone else to tell you that. Let’s look at the research anyway.

Here’s why a father’s role is key

If you face either serious negotiations or a hearing in court, you could use the research to build your case for joint custody and as much time with your children as possible. Here are some of the advantages your children gain having you in their lives despite the divorce:

  1. Children with an involved father tend to have higher IQs.
  2. Children tend to exhibit more focus and less stress associated with school.
  3. Teens exhibit higher intellectual functioning, academic success and verbal skills.
  4. As adults, children tend to show more ambition and confidence in the workplace.
  5. Children tend to show more emotional stability.
  6. Infants can handle separations more easily.
  7. Children tend gain more popularity.
  8. Children tend to stay out of trouble.
  9. Children don’t act out as much, lie less and don’t get as depressed.

The above represent only some of the benefits that children receive from having a loving, supportive and compassionate father in their lives. The more involved you are with your children, the more benefits they derive from your relationship. The more you can show the court this is true, the more likely you are to get as much time with your children post-divorce.

In addition, it couldn’t hurt for the other parent to see how much you love your children and want to be part of their lives. It may quickly become obvious that you will need some help in this endeavor, especially considering the stakes. You would most likely benefit from working with a compassionate and competent attorney to help you achieve your goals.

Will you be able to spend Father’s Day with your child?

Perhaps you already have a parenting plan in place, and time with your children is already scheduled out. When you and your ex were deciding who would get the kids on which holidays, however, you may not have thought to include Father’s Day. Maybe your ex is scheduled to have the kids on Sunday, June 21, this year. 

If this is the case, it might be possible to convince the other parent to switch days or times with you. To make such a change permanent – and ensure you don’t have to negotiate again next year – you can request a formal modification from the court. Again, your attorney can walk you through the process and handle the paperwork for you.