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A calendar can support custody claims

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Child Custody

When Texas parents are fighting for child custody, the details of their relationship with the children will be important. This information can determine what type of custody and support are awarded. Because small but important details are often overlooked in high-tension environments like a custody battle, your calendar might be the perfect tool to remind you about, and prove to the court, the details of life with your child.

What details should be considered?

In child custody cases, courts often look at the length of time each parent spends with their child and the quality of that time. While the big things like a child’s daily schedule or major holidays might be easy to remember, other events that are important to a child’s life might be overlooked. These events include:

  • Doctor’s visits
  • Birthday parties
  • Ongoing sports activities
  • Therapies or tutoring sessions
  • Driving distances to events and necessary hotel stays

How can a calendar help in a custody case?

The calendar can both remind you of the events themselves and provide proof of dates and times when they happened. The more specific these details are, the more convincing the evidence presented in the child custody case. As courts consider the best interests of the child when deciding custody, understanding which parent is there during all these events might help the court make a decision when the parents are battling for custody.

A calendar might also be used to modify an existing custody order as it can be used to show that the original agreement was not being followed by one of the parents. In turn, this could affect child support orders as they are based on the custody agreement.

If you are preparing to go to court over custody with your ex-spouse, remember to keep your calendar handy. Your attorney may help you organize this evidence and provide other important resources in your custody case.