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Is it finally time to get married? It may be time for a prenup

Did you plan to get married in 2020, but did you have to put it off until this year? Now that it seems like you can finally have the big wedding of your dreams, you are very excited to tie the knot. This may not have been exactly how you and your partner envisioned it, but you couldn’t be more thrilled about the future.

Marriage is a beautiful thing and it’s wonderful that you finally get to have the celebration you’ve wanted. But it may also be time to start talking about a prenup.

Why would you want a prenup?

People often don’t want to talk about a prenup because they feel like they’re already counting on getting divorced. Don’t look at it that way. This doesn’t have to take away from your big day at all.

If anything, though, the last year has shown you how unpredictable life can be. A prenup lets you plan for what may happen. Statistically, divorce is at least a possibility, so it’s wise to have your financial plan in place.

In fact, some have said that talking about a prenup is wise simply because it forces you and your partner to talk about money. Since money problems are one of the leading causes of divorce, you need to have these conversations. Creating your prenup could actually make your marriage stronger and lower the odds of a divorce.

Additionally, a prenup can save you a lot of trouble in the future. These conversations about money and finances will feel a lot harder if your spouse just asked for a divorce. Right now, while you’re so in love, they’re not as hard. You can create the type of plan you really want and deserve and then, if you do get a divorce, it will go more smoothly than it would have otherwise.

Do you want to get started?

There’s no downside to drafting a prenup. It doesn’t increase your odds of divorce, but it does offer a lot of benefits if one happens. Make sure you know how to get this process started.