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Among your New Year’s resolutions: Get a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Divorce

With the end of the year not far away, some people in troubled marriages seriously consider divorce as a suitable option for the new year. Doing away with the old to make way for a new beginning is a common New Year’s resolution. And some people apply this aphorism to their marriages.

It took courage to make this decision along with a great amount of introspection. However, now that you have decided to go through with a divorce, it is time to focus on the future and some of the benefits that come with divorce in the new year.

New beginning, setting goals

Benefits in seeking a divorce at the beginning of a year may include:

  • With every ending comes a new beginning: Your marriage is over. But always remember, that your life continues with the chance to gain new relationships, new interests and a new outlook.
  • The opportunity to focus on goal setting: You likely have shed some baggage. Now, it is time to be good to yourself by investing in yourself. Maybe you commit to starting a business. Maybe you choose to do something new every day. Get going.
  • The chance to move away from the past: Letting go of emotions may be difficult. So can possessions that link you to your past. In time, you can overcome the anger and hurt, and gradually put your past behind you.
  • Tax-related matters: As a married couple, you and your spouse likely filed a joint tax return. Now, you want to make another clean break, so you no longer have to deal with another joint tax return. Resolving tax issues by year’s end is an achievable goal.

And like every person going through a divorce, you must prepare. Understand how much debt you have, know the types of assets you possess, organize important documents such as financial records and determine the things you can afford.

A future with more potential

The new year is as good a time as any to pursue divorce. It will mark the beginning of a new life for you; one filled with so much more potential now that you have shed certain things from your past.