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3 things that can make divorce more contentious

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2022 | Divorce

Not all divorces wind up being contentious, but the ones that do are often difficult to navigate and involve a lot of disagreements between spouses. This can make the process take longer, and you have to make sure that your spouse isn’t doing things to take advantage of the situation.

Below are three things that may make your divorce more contentious.

Your spouse is willing to hide assets

People are not supposed to hide assets when they divorce. They are supposed to fully disclose everything that they own. However, some people will attempt to bend or break these rules for their own financial gain, and you need to know how to work through such a situation.

Your divorce was caused by an affair

If something like an affair occurred that caused the two of you to split up, it is likely that things will be more contentious than if you had simply drifted apart. Even if the divorce should be pretty clear-cut, the emotions involved in something like this can make it more complicated.

Your spouse is a narcissist

If your spouse has narcissistic tendencies, they are only going to think about themselves and they’re not going to want to compromise. This often makes it far more complex to get divorced because the court has to rule on things that the two of you otherwise could have worked out on your own.

If any of these apply to your case, it’s imperative that you understand all the legal options at your disposal. Having experienced legal guidance can help you navigate the complications of divorce.