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Can your ex take the kids to Mexico to deprive you of access?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2022 | Child Custody

With a shared border, it makes sense that people from Mexico might eventually move to Texas. They can easily maintain their relationships with friends and family in Mexico due to their proximity.

If your former partner and the other parent of your children have family or personal connections in Mexico, they could potentially cross the border as a way to avoid their obligations to you or affect your relationship with the children.

Parental kidnapping is one of the most common forms of kidnapping that occurs, and it can leave the parents missing time with their children feeling absolutely devastated. What protects you from your ex leaving for Mexico with your children?

Your custody order

Custody orders often include restrictions on travel, especially international travel. Your ex may need to obtain advance approval from you or the court before they take a trip out of the country with your children.

International laws

Of course, someone who intends to intentionally violate a custody order likely won’t care about getting permission beforehand. Thankfully, the Hague Convention protects your rights as a parent.

When you follow the right procedure through the courts, you can eventually compel your ex to return the children to you despite them being in another country. The courts will also likely reduce how much parenting time your ex has or even downgrade them to supervised visitation because of the international abduction they committed.

Learning the rules that govern parental abductions and complex child custody situations can give you peace of mind when you feel worried about what might happen with your children.