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4 reasons to update a child custody order 

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Child Custody

Parents who have children and are going through a divorce will need to make a child custody arrangement. 

Parents often fear that they have one shot at making the perfect custody arrangement. However, there may be times when the arrangement needs to be altered. Here are four times that commonly happens:

1. Moving to a new home

Many parents move after a divorce. This can create some issues if the move is great enough to impact their parental obligations. In other words, the parent may struggle to uphold their end of a child custody order and provide the care their children need. In some cases, this may require an altered custody order, especially if it negatively impacts their child.

2. A parent won’t follow the agreement

Even after hours of debate, one parent may not want to follow the terms of a child custody order. This can create issues, such as the other parent not seeing their child, the child not being picked up for visitation or the parent refusing to give the other the right of first refusal. Providing evidence that this is happening may create a strong case for a custody modification.

3. An unfit parent

Some parents struggle after divorce. This may cause them to be unfit to care for their child. An “unfit” parent can mean several things; for example, they may neglect or abuse their child or they may suffer from substance abuse.

4. A child has matured

One of the most common reasons a custody order needs to be updated is because a child has grown up. This may lead them to have new needs and wants. For example, the child may want to spend more time with one parent or their school schedule has changed.

Do you believe it’s time to update your child custody arrangement? With the right legal knowledge, you may be able to make alterations that greatly benefit you and your child.