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Can you get a Texas divorce for lack of physical intimacy?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Divorce

Some states have abolished divorce grounds altogether, thus allowing couples to end their irretrievably broken marriages. Texas is not one of these states. Here, couples can seek a contested divorce on grounds such as adultery, cruelty, abandonment and several others.

Even states that still allow divorce grounds offer some form of no-fault divorce, including Texas. Most divorces in the U.S. are no-fault, meaning couples can settle their case without enduring litigation.

How does a lack of intimate relations affect people?

Those in marriages without physical intimacy may experience harmful psychological effects. Examples of these include the following.

  • Depression and loneliness
  • Feelings of failure and rejection
  • Low self-esteem
  • Resentment and anger

Most people need emotional and physical intimacy to feel happy and content with their lives. Typically, it is not so much about the lack of sex as it is about meaningful person-to-person connection in a marriage.

Is lack of sex or intimacy a ground for divorce?

Unfortunately, you may not seek a divorce in Texas because your intimacy needs are unfulfilled in your relationship. With guidance, however, showing a lack of intimacy can support your petition for a divorce. A legal representative can help you prove your marriage is insupportable due to the discord resulting from a lack of meaningful connection.

In other words, you can still make a solid case that your relationship needs a legal resolution. Seeking legal help to increase your knowledge of Texas divorce laws can be crucial in your quest to find a satisfactory solution when your marriage is not working for you.