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Non-custodial mother transports 4 kids across state lines

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2012 | Father's Rights

Child custody cases get complicated when parents live in different states. Instances of children who are improperly taken by their non-custodial parent, sadly, are not uncommon. Transporting the children across state lines makes the matter even more difficult to resolve and returning the children to their custodial parent usually requires the involvement of the courts.

A mother who recently took her four children without notification from their home in Georgia may be charged with custody interference. It has been reported that she took them across state lines to Texas in violation of the court ordered custody agreement.

The children’s father, who currently has custody, received a text message from his ex-wife stating that she had the kids and indicated that she was allowed to have them for the summer under the terms of a court order. The father contends that while she is allowed a two-week visitation, the custody and visitation orders required advance notification of one week. Furthermore, according to the father, the children’s mother is not allowed to take them across state lines. He said that he did not know that she was living out of state.

The custodial parent is now awaiting the ruling of a magistrate to determine if the mother is to be charged with custody interference. In the meantime, the police are unwilling to take further action and are unable to help the children’s father recover his children.

Custody disputes are painful for all parties involved and especially for the children who are often torn between loyalties toward both parents. Advice from a family law attorney may be able to help in such a situation.

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