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Domestic violence resource for victims in danger of closing

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2012 | Domestic Violence

The need for assistance in the battle against domestic violence is overwhelming. One particular Houston area resource named Project Hope continually is attempting to raise money to help victims remain free of domestic violence, but this Baytown organization is badly in need of additional funds itself.

This organization currently is considering letting go at least a portion of its staff and sending shelter residents to other locations if more funding is not made available. Why this particular resource is so unique and valued concerns the fact that this organization spends a great deal of time trying to educate men about the dangers and consequences of domestic violence.

What such an organization is attempting to do is invaluable. Domestic violence has been a problem that has too long been ignored.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm as such resources are often short staffed and not able to deal with the number of victims needing a place to go. This particular organization has provided such services for close to 31 years, but there’s a danger that it may go away.

There are attorneys in the Houston area that can help victims of domestic violence, however. Though attorneys cannot replace resources such as Project Hope, such attorneys understand Texas laws and can represent victims in court receive the maximum amount of protection.

Attorneys experienced in this area can file for restraining orders, prepare criminal complaints, and also help such individuals locate shelters and resources providing financial assistance. Attorneys working in this area are aware of counselors that can help victims deal with the emotional trauma that inevitably accompanies domestic violence.

Source: Your Dayton News, “Domestic violence crisis center raises funds amid financial woes,” by Stephen Thomas, August 19, 2012