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Domestic violence shelter in Texas receives grant

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2012 | Domestic Violence

Without question, resources for domestic violence are badly underfunded. That’s why even a $20,000 grant from the Mary Kay Foundation to a Texas domestic violence shelter is a newsworthy event.

The foundation is providing $20,000 to each of 150 domestic violence shelters across the country. This is being done in observing Domestic Violence Awareness Month that takes place in October. It is hoped that the grant will provide at least some assistance to domestic violence victims.

The shelter in question provides case management, counseling for victims and children of victims, and, in certain cases, legal advocacy. This particular shelter provides these domestic violence services to seven Texas counties, and has been providing such services since 1980. The shelter now has 55 beds, and is contained on a 3 acre secured facility.

Obviously, $20,000 is not going to go very far in serving such a wide area. Even with the availability of this service, domestic violence remains a hidden problem for many individuals that are frightened to come forward to avail themselves of such services. Victims of domestic violence often feel trapped in their circumstances.

For individuals that do not know where to go, attorneys representing clients in domestic violence matters may be a viable option. These attorneys will work with clients to get court orders in place that will put the abuser on notice that such behavior will not be tolerated. Violation of such orders could result in jail time. Attorneys can also help victims and children locate needed counseling and shelter.

Source: Our Town Texas, “Waco: Mary Kay Foundation Awards Family Abuse Center With Grant,” September 25, 2012