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Long adoption process in store for Texas couple

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2012 | Adoption

A Texas couple’s journey towards adoption of a child will likely be a long and complicated process, but one that they hope will be extremely worthwhile. The decision was partially influenced by the fact that the father was also adopted as a child.

Though the two were hoping to be able to adopt a child from Texas or the United States, they have instead decided to locate a child up for an international adoption from Ethiopia. They both felt that rescuing a child from a country plagued by poverty might result in the saving of a child’s life.

The couple will probably not know anything about the boy that they hope to adopt until the last four to six months that the adoption process takes place. The couple will also be visited by a social worker – though such studies can take a number of months, this couple says their study will be completed in a few days. And at some point, it will simply be a matter of waiting for the adoption process to be completed.

Because the adoption process is so intricate, couples should consider receiving legal assistance and advice from an attorney accustomed to dealing in such matters. Though ultimately the decision is going to revolve around the qualifications of the parent, attorneys can help prepare the paperwork and, at times, expedite the matter so that the process does not become bogged down.

The process is especially slow because we want to make sure that the child is placed into the right situation. Everything pertaining to children must proceed with caution because we are dealing with the welfare of a child’s life.

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