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Child support roundup in Texas County

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2012 | Child Support

One Texas County is in the process of arresting 64 individuals that apparently owe millions of dollars in child support. Though there are many other individuals that have also failed to pay on their child support obligations, the Texas Attorney General’s office and local officials are focusing in on these particular individuals because these happen to be the most “notorious” of those behind on their child support payments.

“The parents that are being pursued in the round up have been given many opportunities to pay their support,” said a spokesperson for the Attorney General’s office. “They are in violation of court orders that require them to pay and they must be held accountable.”

Likely, the roundup is only dealing with the tip of the iceberg when it comes to individuals not honoring their child support obligations. That the 64 individuals mentioned have been the subject of so many efforts to collect child support indicates that others are behind in child support payments as well.

Unfortunately, most individuals supporting their children cannot wait for the Attorney General’s office to resolve matters for them. They also cannot wait in line with other parents in waiting for child support orders to be enforced. Attempting to raise children alone while at the same time providing food, clothing and education can be difficult to impossible to accomplish.

Many parents in similar situations will turn to experienced family law attorneys to get such matters resolved. These attorneys will attempt to completely inform themselves regarding a particular child support situation so that everyone’s needs could be met.

Source: KVEO News Center, “Child Support Offender’s Debt In The Millions In Hidalgo County,” by Erin Murray, Nov. 14, 2012