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The high cost of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2012 | Domestic Violence

The Texas Council of Family Violence blames the domestic violence problem in part on the tendency of Texans to excuse the violence for other reasons. Individuals in our state sometimes blame the victim or other circumstances for why the domestic violence occurs, and too often the perpetrator of the violence is let off of the hook.

The message the council will like to send is that family violence is a choice by the perpetrator, and that there can be no justifications made for the behavior. The victims of the violence, on the other hand, are often prey to the manipulative tactics of the abuser or may simply not be aware of what options they have to do anything about the abusive behavior.

Abusers often attempt to create barriers that will prevent the victim from leaving the relationship. Victims fear physical harm, being left with no money, losing their children, and the fear of the unknown. Many victims have no place to go or support system in place to help them escape the abuse.

There should be no shame in being a victim of domestic violence. If a spouse and children can escape the domestic violence, it probably will in the long run be the best for everyone involved. It is estimated that the costs of domestic violence amount to $5.8 billion in health care expense and loss of work productivity.

There are family law attorneys that can advise victims of the options available. These attorneys will do all that they can to help the victims receive the help they need.

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