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Harris County resources available for domestic violence victims

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2012 | Domestic Violence

There are many things that need to happen before the problem of domestic violence can at least be reduced, and it requires that many parties work together. Law enforcement, the courts, politicians, local agencies, families, private charities, attorneys and judges need to all be involved in making the situation better.

In Harris County, alone, more than 5,000 individuals each year seek shelter to escape domestic violence. Law enforcement officers respond to more than 40,000 calls every year from victims seeking assistance.

In 1996, the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council was formed in an effort to bring various resources together. The council has also been busy in attempting to assess the situation in the Houston area. The council has both focused upon the risks of victims that are confronted with a domestic violence situation, and the second was providing outside parties the ability to recognize signs that domestic violence existed instead of merely waiting for victims to contact law enforcement officers.

Family law attorneys understand the sensitive nature of domestic violence matters, and these lawyers will provide confidential advice for individuals attempting to escape their situation. Sadly, domestic violence affects everyone in the family including the children. The costs of this violence will affect the emotional, financial and physical well being of every single victim.

Attorneys will work together with the entire community to help victims escape an intolerable situation. Often, just being an intermediary and providing these victims with a helpful resource will greatly alleviate the stress that these individuals are under.

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