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Domestic violence case, a lesson for every Texas resident

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2013 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an important issue across the country, including Texas. Such domestic violence may include spousal abuse, online stalking and emotional abuse. Some Houston readers may assume that family violence only involves one-sided abuse or violence against the other spouse. However, these domestic violence problems may also victimize family members, children and intimate partners, as in the following case in Dallas, Texas.

The case involved a 34-year-old man who was found guilty of violently attacking and beating his girlfriend. The man was sentenced to a 28-year prison term and fined $5,000.

According to reports, the domestic assault occurred in March of 2011 when the man attacked his girlfriend after they returned home from a social gathering. The jury stated that the man beat the 43-year-old woman using a lamp, a knife and his hands. The victim sustained wounds and cuts over various parts of her body. Police officers also suspected that the woman had been raped.

During the trial, prosecutors stated that the woman’s injuries were the worst of any domestic violence case they had seen. When the woman was taken to a hospital after the attack, almost 40 percent of her blood had been lost and she needed over 500 stitches. The woman’s eyes were swollen and her ribs and cheek bones were broken.

The assistant district attorney said that the man’s verdict might serve as a reminder that domestic violence should not be tolerated and every assaulter should be stopped and prosecuted as soon as possible. Prosecutors of the case also wanted others to be aware of the serious consequences of domestic violence.

If individuals believe they have been or are victims of domestic violence, they should seek out resources and professionas that can help them. Having a family law professional who can offer viable options for protecting the safety of such victims as well as legal actions may also be advisable.

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