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Family law issues of blended families in Texas

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2013 | Adoption

While some people from Houston, Texas may consider divorce as a failure, others may regard the end of marriage as a chance to have a fresh start. Some divorced spouses remarry and raise their children with the new stepparent and stepchildren under one roof. A blended family may sound wonderful but just like any family, conflicts and issues may still arise and affect the family dynamic.

For the most part, family law concerns revolve around issues like divorce, custody, adoption and other matters. However, family law also includes the factors that affect the family dynamic within the household, particularly finances among blended families. Parents and stepparents of adopted children may find the conclusions of a new report enlightening.

When it comes to finances, blended families may face different issues. One of the most common issues is child support. If the supporting parent fails to pay child support, the stepparent may need to find ways to make up for the lost payment. Such circumstances can be stressful for these new families, which might lead to arguments and fights.

Blended families that apply for financial aid may also encounter a problem because both incomes of remarried spouses can be taken into consideration. This may either increase or decrease the amount of financial assistance available.

During the holidays, blended families may have problems with the logistics of how the children visit different homes. Visitation during Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays can mean sibling rivalries and anxiety over lack of flexible schedules.

It is possible to prevent or mitigate many of these challenging situations that blended families face. Through careful planning, both stepparents will know how to handle the situation and provide a solution for certain issues. The problems regarding the finances, expenses and income should be considered as well as the role of non-custodial parents for their children. Preparing for this situation can help to avoid the downside of being a blended family.

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