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Some teenagers need to be adopted too

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2013 | Adoption

There are many children in the United States, as well as in Texas, who are in the foster care system. They need loving parents to bring them into their hearts and into their homes by adopting them. Many people only want to adopt infants or toddlers but teenagers need families too. Many of them have experienced trouble in their lives because they are not with their biological parents and their needs can turn into a family law concern.

A teenage boy in Texas was almost 18 and he was about to receive the best birthday gift of his life. He attended an adoption picnic, hoping to find a new family. His biological mother had passed away when he was six years old and he and his seven brothers and sisters were put into foster care. After that time, he went from foster home to foster home.

He wore a suit and tie to the picnic to make a good impression. A couple at the picnic noticed him and the husband decided to go over and speak to the teenager. After the picnic, the man and his wife kept in touch and considered adopting him permanently. The couple and the teenager recently stood before the judge to finalize the adoption a few weeks before he became 18.

The teenager was fortunate to forge a relationship with the couple to the point where they grew to know and love him. Other children are not always so fortunate. In Texas, in March of this year, 6,274 children were in the foster care system. Of that number, 81 children are from the Rio Grande Valley area.

Many children need a loving home. Teenagers have a harder time getting adopted because there is a misperception that they will be more difficult to raise and to handle in general. However, that is not always the case. If a Texas resident is in a similar situation, it is advisable for the person to consult a legal professional who is well versed in adoption matters. The legal professional can provide invaluable support and to give sound advice and guidance on how to proceed in order to make the adoption a reality. A successful adoption will ensure that everyone wins.

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