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Family violence gone wrong: policeman shoots threatening man

On Behalf of | May 12, 2013 | Domestic Violence

Family violence is an issue that needs to be taken seriously everywhere in the United States, including Houston, Texas. Although not all people have experienced it, family violence can be traumatic and sometimes it can have a long-lasting effect emotionally and psychologically. In Pasadena, Texas, for instance, authorities had to use force to subdue a man involved in such an incident.

Allegedly, a spokesperson from the Pasadena Police Department stated that there was a 911 call from a woman about a domestic violence situation. The incident happened near Gerald Street, on Tamar Drive. The female victim reported the domestic dispute through the emergency hotline and had to go to a neighbor’s house for safety. When the authorities arrived, a police officer reported that the man involved in the dispute was threatening. Fearing for his life, the police officer shot the man in the arm. The man was taken to the hospital. No information is available about whether the man was armed.

There are several reasons why domestic abuse happens in Texas. In fact, a representative from the state said that the issue is a growing epidemic that is having alarming effects. In 2011, there were 177,983 cases of family violence in Texas. Approximately 40 percent of those incidents involved violence against a spouse, approximately 16 percent involved child abuse and 44 percent involved violence against another member of the family. However, the scope of family violence does not only involve physical abuse. Some cases involve sexual, emotional, psychological and financial abuse. In some cases, a family member may be threatened with a weapon.

In that type of situation, the well-being of the family violence victim is also threatened. To ensure the safety of each family member, a legal professional can offer sound advice and support. A legal professional may accommodate this issue by requesting a protective order for the victim. It is important to remember that in the end, the family concern is for the security of a family member and that cannot be neglected.

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