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Is social media adoption the way to go?

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2013 | Adoption

Regardless of if you are in a same-sex relationship or not, raising a family is a concern that everyone goes through after marriage. For same-sex couples and those struggling with pregnancy here in Houston, adoption provides a viable solution to this family law issue.

However, many argue that the time it takes for the entire adoptive process is quite lengthy with the matching process and everything else that is involved. There is plenty of paperwork involved and it can get expensive.

To make the process more smooth, many couples, including some in Houston, Texas, have resorted to using social media websites such as Facebook, Craigslist and Twitter to find babies ready to be adopted.

The Internet and social media have become a part of everyday life. It has become an important communication tool for people. Now, it is becoming a tool for adoption, mainly because it can potentially cut down on costs and time that regular legal adoption cannot offer.

However, such a prospect can also open doors to some legal complications. Experts believe that social media adoptions are threatening ethical adoption practices because it is unmonitored and unregulated. In an adoption through an agency, the process may take years but it goes through many processes designed to ensure both the child’s and the parent’s safety. The adoptive parents and the birth parents are also counseled.

Adoption agencies have come to recognize this and often warn prospective parents looking to adopt online to be aware of online scammers. Over the Internet, scammers look for potential adoptive parents and tell them that they are pregnant so they can ask for money for pregnancy expenses, which may not be real at all.

While online adoption may be a good option for potential adoptive parents, it does have pitfalls. A family in a similar situation should consider consulting a family law and adoption professional in Houston. The legal professional can provide much needed advice as well as assistance in the process to ensure a safe, legal adoption.

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