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Men can also become victims of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2013 | Domestic Violence

Thanks to modern media, people have become increasingly, if not fully, aware of the existence of domestic violence and its impact on families here in Houston and throughout the rest of the U.S. Domestic violence is a global concern and it is often assumed that the victims are generally women, children and the elderly and that the abuser is male.

A recent article sheds a different light on those conventional beliefs when it comes to domestic and spousal abuse, claiming that men, too, are victims at a comparable percentage to women. The author claims that abuse toward men is still a forbidden subject among victims compared with female abuse.

According to The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey’s 2010 report, which was published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 25 percent of men in the country will experience some form of abuse by an intimate partner.

The statistics show a relative increase in violence against men who do not see themselves as victims because of their supposed physical dominance. Many men are embarrassed to admit that they are victims of abuse despite the fact that most perpetrators against male victims are not their partners.

Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, everyone has the right and deserves to be protected against domestic abuse and violence. A victim, whether male or female, should be afforded equal support and equal justice.

Family violence is a very sensitive topic and victims often find it difficult to break free from the problem. It is advisable that those being victimized do not retaliate but leave the person instead. Experts also recommend documenting everything and keeping all documents close at hand.

A domestic abuse victim should seek help right away either from local authorities or a support group here in Houston. The abuse victim may wish to consider the assistance that a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney can provide. A lawyer may be able to provide advice, connect the victim with other groups and help the person to file for a restraining order against an abusive partner or family member.

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