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International Marital Agreement Lawyer

Finding an attorney with experience in this specific area of international family presents challenges. The experienced legal team at Laura Dale & Associates possesses the skills and resources needed to draft enforceable prenuptial agreements that address assets located outside the United States.

Texas may enforce prenuptial and marital agreements signed in foreign countries or based on foreign law as parties may include choice of law clauses in there agreements. Many times, the documents are not written English and entering into an agreement requires legal counsel experienced in these types of agreements to ensure their enforceability in Texas.

Laura Dale and her team of attorneys at Laura Dale & Associates combine experience and legal knowledge with a strong network of overseas and out-of-state law firms. They have connections with translators and interpreters, a vital asset in the practice of international divorce. Multijurisdictional litigation is complex and requires an experienced legal team. Selecting the right international divorce attorney can make a significant difference in cases involving:

  • International child abduction and custody
  • International divorce
  • International premarital and marital agreements
  • A Culturally Sensitive Houston International Divorce And Child Abduction Lawyer

With an educational background in both the United States and France, Laura Dale is culturally sensitive to the needs of her clients, regardless of their state or country of origin. Multilingual with fluency in French and a working knowledge of Spanish, she currently serves as legal counsel to the French Consulate General in Houston.

Contact Laura Dale for help with your international divorce. Call us to schedule a meeting at 713-574-7952 or toll free at 713-600-1717.

The founder of our firm believes that success comes with thorough preparation, insight into trial and negotiations strategies. While negotiation options often allow the attorney to maintain control over the case; the complexities of multijurisdictional litigation in International family frequently leads to court appearances on trial and Laura Dale’s strong reputation related to high profile and challenging cases is an advantage for her clients. Her responsiveness, dedication and work ethic make a significant difference in the lives of her clients.

Laura Dale provides personalized representation in her sophisticated practice of international divorce law for clients in Europe, South America, North Africa, Lebanon, Canada and other countries throughout the world. She spends time with her clients to develop strategies designed to meet client goals. Ms. Dale is creative, strategic and results oriented.