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Texas International Divorce Attorney

Similar to domestic marital dissolution, many international divorce cases involve custody and support issues in foreign jurisdictions. More complex legal matters require an attorney with experience in protecting your parental rights in international jurisdictions and insight into locating, valuating and dividing significant foreign assets that include:

  • Stock options
  • Real property
  • Retirement benefits
  • Bank accounts
  • Corporations

Legal counsel possessing extensive experience in the complexity of international divorce law is as valuable as any asset you own. Retaining a lesser experienced attorney who lacks the knowledge in international divorce and related issues involving child custody and property division can be disastrous.

For example, retirement benefits are subject to division in Texas. However, in certain countries, they are not. An attorney lacking the knowledge necessary to move forward effectively could lead to massive losses following a disproportionate estate division.

Also, pretrial discovery does not exist or may not be allowed in many foreign jurisdictions and without traditional US discovery tools an inexperienced attorney can be left with little to divide. Specialized officials are sometimes required to value real estate, business holdings and other assets in foreign countries, for example. Effective navigation of complex foreign legal systems is essential. Our experienced legal team is prepared to deliver results.