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After The Election: Common Concerns About International Child Custody

The recent presidential election is a cause of concern to many U.S. residents of different citizenship statuses. Some of these residents worry about custody of their children; single, divorced and remarried parents, in particular, wonder what would happen if they had to return to their country of birth.

The field of international family law addresses some of these important issues. If you are unsure about your custody rights as a non-citizen, or you or concerned about custody with regard to your child’s other parent, get your questions answered.

Five International Custody Questions Parents Are Asking

Custody matters can be stressful. The stress can be exacerbated when these matters are international in nature. In light of changes in the political climate, some parents are asking questions like:

  • How do visitation arrangements work when one parent is living abroad?
  • If I leave the U.S, is it possible to bring my child/children with me?
  • What legal rights do I have if my ex-spouse wants to leave the country with our child/children?
  • What laws apply to a situation in which one parent is uncooperative regarding custody or visitation?
  • What does the Hague Convention say about wrongful removal of children from the United States?

These kinds of questions deserve answers. Every situation is different, and there are often multiple paths to the resolution of a complicated custody issue. If you have legal concerns, be sure to consult an attorney experienced with international custody cases.