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Avoid taking your old arguments with you into court

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Property Division

You probably knew before you got married that your relationship would not always be like it was during the honeymoon. Of course, that foreknowledge does not make it any easier to accept when it becomes too much to handle. However, there could be an upside to this situation. If you were able to realize that your arguments with your spouse had become a toxic influence in your life, you could avoid letting animosity further trouble you by ruining your chances of an advantageous divorce agreement.

At Laura Dale & Associates, we know that Texas couples going through a divorce have a lot on the line. Our clients’ futures and those of their children are often hanging in the balance of a court decision. We realize that it is impossible to always remain calm. 

That said, we also believe that the side able to maintain the coolest head is the one most likely to get the most out of a divorce. Helping our clients recognize the change in their relationship is often an essential first step in negotiating terms of spousal support, child custody and asset division. 

One example of this in action might be your marital home. If your partner never did any of the housework, your initial reaction might be to push for ownership of the property. This would be an example of a non-practical reason to want the house. Think about it — would you be better off in a smaller place, in a different community or in a home with different amenities? A divorce could be the opportunity you need to make the changes you want, and that is a compelling reason to pursue ownership of other marital assets.

Keeping this in mind, it might not be a good idea to abandon old arguments if your partner had done something harmful that directly contributed to your divorce. Please continue reading on our main site for more information.