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Contested versus uncontested divorce

In Texas, there are many couples considering getting a divorce for an abundance of reasons. There are two primary categories divorces fall under: contested and uncontested. Today, we will take a look at both, the differences between them, and what type a couple may be qualified for.

The Legal Dictionary goes into detail explaining the differences between uncontested and contested divorce. The former implies that a couple agrees on the divorce and its proceedings, while the latter implies that agreements cannot be made. Contested divorce is what most people typically go through. In this process, a judge is necessary to hear any issues the couple cannot agree on and passes a decision for them. This process is costly and can take years to complete, especially if children are involved.

FindLaw shares that uncontested divorces allow a couple to bypass all of these struggles. However, they need to be in agreement on several things. Not only do they need to agree on getting a divorce, but they must also agree on child support payment amounts, spousal support payment amounts, child custody arrangements, and the division of assets. Considering how hotly contested these categories are in almost every divorce, it makes sense that uncontested divorces are much rarer.

Those who are aiming for uncontested divorces may have external help, however. People may hire on third party mediators or other professionals who can help them communicate with their partners, and work toward a solution together. Bias-free advice and opinions can often ease a large amount of the emotional burdens involved.