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Methods spouses use to conceal property

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2018 | Property Division

If you reside in Texas and have reason to believe that your marriage may be nearing its end, it may be due, at least on some level, to a breakdown of trust between you and your partner. If you are already questioning your partner’s actions and motives, you may, too, have concerns about him or her attempting to hide assets from you to obtain a more favorable position in an upcoming divorce. At Laura Dale & Associates, we are well-versed in the methods spouses sometimes use to stockpile assets and conceal them from one another, and we have helped many people navigating divorces pursue their fair shares in a settlement.

According to, many spouses who hide assets from each other rely on the same methods when doing so. Some of the methods are pretty basic, and they might involve simply opening up a new bank account under a separate name and periodically moving small amounts of money to it. Your husband or wife may also attempt to conceal assets from you by selling or “giving” pricy belongings, such as jewelry or art, to a friend while having an existing agreement that the friend will eventually return said items.

If your spouse maintains a particularly close relationship with his or her boss, know that he or she may utilize the relationship in his or her attempts to hide property from you. How? Your husband or wife may, for example, ask his or her employer to avoid giving out a raise or bonus until your divorce becomes final so that the new money does not factor in during court proceedings.

If, however, your husband or wife is self-employed, he or she may intentionally delay invoicing clients for the same reason. Additionally, some spouses go so far as to create fake business expenses as a method of lowering company profits. More about family law and property division is available on our web page.