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Dividing Property Fairly During Divorce

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The division of property is a crucial component in any divorce, particularly those where large estates or complex assets hang in the balance. The valuation and division of such estates and assets can be challenging, particularly when business assets or foreign assets are involved.

At Laura Dale & Associates, our experience with business valuation, high net-worth estates and international assets serves our clients well in matters of complex property division. We are skilled at presenting the facts of a case to a judge and are equally capable of mediating or negotiating a solution.

Complex Assets, Strategic Representation

Our strength in complex property division comes from the experience of our team of lawyers, which includes board certified specialists and individuals who have business management experience prior to becoming lawyers. No matter the complexity of your case, we are capable of putting a team together that can meet your needs.

We understand how to locate, value and divide complex assets such as:

  • Privately held businesses
  • Publicly held companies
  • Foreign assets
  • Real estate assets
  • Professional practices
  • Financial accounts
  • Insurance policies

In Texas, dividing these already complex or large assets is complicated by our community property laws, which presumes that all property is community property unless it is proven to be separate property. When it comes to properly characterizing, valuing and dividing employee benefits, stock options, pension plans and other long-term assets, there is no substitute for experience..

Contact Laura Dale & Associates, to learn more about how our experienced divorce attorney can we can help you with complex property division.

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