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Pursuing Family Law Mediation

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A litigated divorce can be lengthy and costly, both in terms of the financial cost and human cost. However, methods of alternative dispute resolution like mediation are an option that can provide an amicable solution.

At Laura Dale & Associates, our attorneys are well-equipped to mediate your divorce-related disputes, including those involving child custody, child support, property division and spousal support. To learn more about how our mediation lawyers can help you resolve your divorce without litigation, talk to us.

What is mediation? Mediation is an informal, nonbinding dispute settlement process run by a specially trained third party, known as a mediator. The mediation process itself is confidential and allows parties to negotiate settlement terms in a safe environment. While the parties are not obligated to reach an agreement during the mediation process, agreements reached through mediation have a high likelihood of being approved by the court.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Most family law courts in Texas require that parties go through mediation before proceeding to trial. Even if you are not required to try mediation, there are still benefits. Primarily, mediation can save time and money. It is also highly successful at resolving divorce-related issues, as more than 95 percent of cases settle in mediation before going to trial.

A Comfortable Environment For Your Legal Needs

We are fully equipped to achieve success through mediation. Our mediation rooms are fully equipped with the latest technology, and we provide a fully stocked kitchen and other facilities to make sure our clients are comfortable.

Contact us today to learn how our experienced mediators and careful preparation can benefit you.

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