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What Will Happen To Your Small Business After Divorce?

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If you own a small business or you are married to a business owner, it is important to consider how the business’s assets will be valued and divided in the divorce. It is crucial to have an attorney on your side with the knowledge and resources necessary to identify and address the issues that are crucial to you.

At Laura Dale & Associates, in Houston, we represent small-business owners and spouses throughout Texas. Our team of attorneys has decades of legal experience as well as a background in business.

Protecting Your Business From Divorce

As you go through a challenging time in your personal life, the last thing you want is for your divorce to have a negative impact on the business you have worked so hard to build and operate. Our team will work to reach an efficient resolution, which may include a plan to buy out your spouse’s interest, to the division of property in your divorce. Ultimately, our goal is to minimize uncertainty and maximize what you keep in the division of your marital estate.

Compensating You For Your Value

If you are divorcing and your spouse is a small-business owner, you may have no interest in being involved with the business after the divorce. However, not wanting an operational role in the business should not preclude you for receiving compensation for your contributions to the businesses’ success. We can help you negotiate an agreement for you to be bought out.

Protect Your Interests — Contact Us Today

We have the resources and professional connections necessary to achieve a proper valuation of a business and equitable distribution of assets. Contact us today to arrange a consultation with our experienced lawyers.

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