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Contempt Hearings In Family Law Court

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The best way to approach family law-related contempt orders is to prevent them if possible.

  • If you are at risk of being held in contempt of court for failure to pay child support or comply with property division orders after a Texas divorce, contact an experienced family law attorney. There may be other ways to resolve a difficult situation.
  • If your former spouse has not obeyed a divorce decree judgment such as selling the marital home and distributing the proceeds, ask a lawyer for help. Laura Dale & Associates, can advise you of a variety of methods of enforcement of court order judgments.
  • If, on the other hand, you have already been requested to appear at a contempt order in family law court in Harris County or nearby, your situation is urgent. You need legal counsel on board as soon a possible. One of our attorneys can represent you. We are prepared to defend you vigorously and skillfully seek the least punitive outcome.

Being summoned to a contempt hearing in family law court is a very serious legal matter. Failure to follow very specialized rules of the court can result in harsh penalties, possibly including incarceration. You may be able to avoid jail or prison by submitting to community supervision for up to five years.

Regardless of which side of a court order judgment issue you are on, an experienced family law attorney such as Laura Dale or any lawyer at the Houston family law firm of Laura Dale & Associates, can advise you on the most promising path forward.

Common Issues In Contempt Of Court Hearings

For best results, it is essential to address the issue that led to a contempt hearing as well as to prepare carefully to defend yourself in a contempt hearing.

  • If you have withheld access to your child in defiance of a child possession (custody) order, you need to remove obstacles and allow the court order to accomplish its objectives.
  • If you have not delivered property (such as collectibles) named in the complaint, deliver the property and get documentation that you have done so.
  • If you were ordered to sell real estate but a depressed market has kept you from doing so, ask your family law attorney for help petitioning for a court order modification to allow more time. Then continue to work with a real estate agent, if necessary, to sell your home at a fair price and deliver the prescribed percentage of the profits to your ex.

Our family law attorneys are well-prepared to guide you through complex and challenging legal matters associated with potential or already-existing contempt orders.

‘Do I Need An Attorney To Represent Me?’ For Your Protection, Yes.

Contact our family law offices for representation in contempt hearings after a Texas divorce or child custody dispute.

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