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Valuing Businesses In Divorce

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When divorcing spouses are involved in running a business or have a stake in a company, it is critical for their attorneys to have a firm grasp on business valuation and complex property division. If disputes arise over the value of a business, it is necessary to have a lawyer equally skilled at negotiating and litigating.

Your share of the business is too important to risk on an inexperienced attorney. At Laura Dale & Associates, based in Houston, Texas, our knowledgeable family law attorneys have decades of combined experience and are prepared to fight for your property rights.

Our Attorneys Have Real-World Knowledge

Many of our attorneys have experienced the business world firsthand; they know how to read a balance sheet and properly value your business. When necessary, we work with experts such as forensic accountants to uncover hidden assets and ensure accurate valuation.

Once the value and the nature of the business assets have been determined, we are equipped to take whatever action is necessary on behalf of our clients. We are skilled negotiators and litigators who can provide you with crucial information about the financial and tax consequences of any property settlement.

Protect Your Right To Equitable Division | Contact Laura Dale & Associates

If you are a business owner or a spouse who cannot come to an agreement on the value of a business, we can help you determine the accurate value and achieve a favorable property settlement. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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