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Paying For A Child's College Education After Divorce

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Most parents understand the importance of post-secondary education for their children. Because today’s job market is highly competitive, someone without some post-high school training or education is at a great disadvantage in most cases. Even if you expect your child to pursue a trade rather than a college degree, you probably realize he or she will need financial support to pay for training or some type of appropriate higher education.

Child support orders do not include provisions for college tuition. Child support is designed to help meet a child’s fundamental needs until the age of majority. College tuition does not figure into the equation and it usually falls outside the timeframe that child support covers.

Can A Decree Be Issued As Part Of A Divorce Judgment?

When a divorce is in the works, it is natural for one or both parents to worry about how college education will be covered. Many seek inclusion of future college tuition support for a child or children as part of their divorce decrees.

For best results, alert your divorce lawyer early in the process of settlement negotiations or mediation that college tuition is a concern. Contact Laura Dale & Associates, experienced family law attorneys in Texas. Our law firm has a track record of successful outcomes in complex property division and other challenging divorce-related matters. Your priorities will be ours if we represent you.

Explore How To Agree On Paying For College Education Through Mediation

A parent who seeks provision for college tuition in a divorce decree typically brings it up as a priority in mediation. A mediated settlement can formalize an agreement for parents to share the costs of tuition or for the higher-earning spouse to be responsible. If one parent refuses to sign off on this agreement, the parent with greater concern may need to find another way to pursue the necessary financial resources through a mediated settlement — perhaps by keeping and then selling other assets.

Explore options and plan a strategy for your divorce that takes into account your children’s future college education needs. Discuss effective ways to bring your spouse into a decisive discussion about college planning for children during the divorce process. Contact the Houston office of Laura Dale & Associates, to get your questions answered. You can call us at 713-574-7952 to schedule your consultation.

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