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Valuing Assets Outside The U.S.: Foreign Assets in Divorce

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In many complex divorce cases, individuals own stock options, real property, retirement benefits, bank accounts, corporations and other significant assets in more than one country. Valuing and dividing these foreign assets is a job for an intelligent lawyer with experience in locating, valuing and dividing foreign assets.

Attorney Laura Dale works with clients around the world regarding divorces involving foreign assets. Culturally sensitive and educated both in the United States and in France, she serves as legal counsel to the French Consulate General in Houston, Texas.

Our firm has represented many clients whose estates included assets in numerous jurisdictions. A lack of knowledge in this area can have disastrous consequences. For example, in some countries, retirement benefits, unlike in Texas, are not subject to division. Failure to take this into consideration at the time of divorce can result in massive losses to a party and an unintended disproportionate division of an estate in favor of one party.

The Challenges Of Multi-Jurisdictional Property Division

The valuation of assets that are located in foreign jurisdictions can be equally as challenging. Most countries do not have pretrial discovery procedures like we have in the United States, and in fact, most countries intentionally do not allow pretrial discovery like we do in this country. Many countries require that specialized officials value assets such as real estate and business assets. In France, notaries perform this function, while notaries in the United States have a completely different function.

If your divorce will involve the location, valuation and division of assets located in foreign jurisdictions, it is imperative that you retain counsel with experience in these areas.

Consult Laura Dale For Assistance

When you need a family law attorney who has experience with locating and valuing foreign assets and experience with property division involving foreign assets, call Laura Dale & Associates Schedule an initial consultation by contacting Laura Dale & Associates, in Houston, Texas.

We speak French and Spanish and can arrange for an interpreter and translation services when needed.

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